Dent Removal

For expert dent removal, contact Wilmoths. Drivers who get out on the road regularly and enjoy their vehicle to the full will eventually find that unavoidable dings and dents appear on the bodywork. These could be caused by a number of factors: loose road surfaces, a mistake made by another driver, or contact with a bollard, fence or other solid object. In any case, you’ll want these imperfections repaired as quickly as possible to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Dent removal is just one of the comprehensive accident repair services that we offer to car and motorhome owners at Wilmoths. As a motorhome specialist and an authorised Citroën representative, we work to the highest standards in everything we do.

A comprehensive quote is always provided before any repairs begin. We aim to be transparent in our pricing and to be regionally competitive. You can also benefit from a courtesy car (subject to availability) while yours is being repaired.

We specialise in paintless dent removal (PDR), a new service which eliminates the need to use fillers or have body panels completely resprayed. This specialist technique removes the dent quickly and effectively, and leaves almost no trace of it ever existing in the first place.

Get in touch with any of our Wilmoths locations – in Guildford, Winchester, Southampton and Wokingham – to discuss your needs and arrange dent removals for your motorhome or car.