Accident Repair Services at Wilmoths

We understand that accidents can sometimes occur on the road – even the most careful drivers may find themselves involved in an incident that wasn’t their fault.

In the event of an accident, please get in touch with your Wilmoths service centre team. Your insurance company can suggest where you should have your vehicle repaired, but this may not always be an authorised centre. Ultimately the choice rests with you, and we strongly advise you to contact us in the first instance.

We’re proud to have won awards for our aftersales care. It’s simple to arrange collection of your vehicle and to have it delivered to our service centre. We’ll work to get you and your car or motorhome back on the road as soon as possible, and can provide a courtesy vehicle while yours is being repaired.

Our accident repair centres, on site at our dealerships in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire, are authorised to carry out manufacturer-standard work on your vehicle. You can place your trust in the extensive knowledge and experience of our team; not only are we an official Citroën repairer, we’re the specialists in motorhome maintenance.

Fully-trained and qualified technicians carry out all work performed at our accident repair centres, using model-specific genuine parts wherever these are required. The dent repair and bodywork services that we offer typically leave no visible traces of an accident ever having occurred.

If you prefer, we can also handle your damage claim directly with your insurer. This service is available to all of our customers to help take the stress out of accident repairs, regardless of which party is liable.

Contact one of our Wilmoths' teams today. We represent Citroën in Wokingham, Winchester, Guildford and Southampton, and the latter two locations also incorporate our specialist motorhome sales and services.