Let us explain your Motability choices

Life offers many choices, and when it comes to achieving mobility the Motability scheme is one of the best solutions.

Available to all on qualifying benefits, Motability is all about excellent service and that personal touch. These are also features of the Wilmoth Group’s way of working with its customers so we are inviting you to your nearest Wilmoth’s showroom on May 15th to meet members of our Motability team for coffee (and tea, of course), biscuits, and the chance to sit, chat, and find out how Wilmoth’s and Motability work together to bring you the mobility you need.

Models from all three ranges for which Wilmoth’s holds franchises – Citroen, DS Automobiles, and Mitsubishi – are available for qualifying users through Motability, many with no initial payment. Complete the paperwork, order the car through the relevant dealership, and drive it away when it arrives. What could be simpler?

Motability’s lease covers everything except the fuel you need. Your car is insured for two users, three for a small extra payment, while maintenance, servicing, repairs, and tyres are also covered. There’s nothing to worry about apart from choosing a destination for your next trip. With an annual allowance of 20,000 miles that could be just about anywhere as you can take your car abroad!

At Wilmoth’s we believe mobility is everyone’s right and we’ll help make sure you achieve it.

You don’t have to have a driving licence to have a Motability scheme car – in fact you don’t even have to be old enough to drive! So wake up to opportunity and smell the coffee at Wilmoth’s!