We can help you beat the March 31 Car Tax deadline

Major changes to the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) system for new cars coming into effect on April 1 are likely to bring bigger bills affecting just about everyone.

But here at Freeborn Group we have built up stocks of new cars to ensure we can help our customers beat the March 31 registrations deadline so their new car keeps in the current system, which promises £0 or very low rates of VED for many Citroen, DS, and Mitsubishi cars.

However, you need to talk to us as soon as possible to ensure we can have your new car prepped and ready for collection.

The HonestJohn.co.uk website, renowned for its good motoring advice, suggests that around 70 per cent of car buyers will lose out with the new VED system.

March is already looking like one of the busiest months ever for new car registrations but our stocks of a good choice of models and specifications should let you order what you want from the vehicles we hold.

Only vehicles that emit 0g/km C02 will be eligible for £0 initial and continuing car tax from April 1 but the good news is that the current system in place since 2010, with £0 first registration tax for cars in Bands A to D emitting up to 130 g/km of CO2 will remain applicable to cars registered by March 31, as will the current rates of tax in subsequent years. This could bring huge savings over the lifetime of the car.

Under the new regime, cars that emit more than 225 g/km of CO2 will face a tax bill in the first year of up to £2,000 instead of £1,120 while any car costing more than a list price (not purchase price after a discount) of £40,000 will have a £310 per year surcharge for the first five annual tax renewals of its life on top of its regular road tax of £130 for alternative fuel vehicles and £140 for petrol or diesel vehicles. Fortunately, every current standard Citroen and DS model falls outside the scope of this penalty.

To see an explanation of the new rates plus details of the current system, click here

Contact your nearest Freeborn Citroen sales team now and we’ll help you make real savings.