Build your business with the New Dispatch

Businesses wanting to build on their success know that having the right skills, tools, and major equipment is a major driver towards achieving healthy profits.

Having the right choice of van, with a fantastic combination of great space, payload, and running costs is vital and to demonstrate how the New Citroen Dispatch delivers on all these fronts the Freeborn Citroen business team will be at Selco builders warehouse in Millbrook, Southampton, to show off this latest addition to the Citroen range.

On Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th October the New Dispatch and other models from the current range of Citroen vans will be on display – with free goodies to bag in the form of an ice scraper (vital as those frosty early morning starts approach) and rulers to ensure every job measures up to expectations, just as Citroen vans always do!

Our expert team will demonstrate just how the Berlingo, New Dispatch, and Relay can be put to hard work, something they undertake with relish.

Visit Selco on both days to see just what exclusive Citroen deals are available.

You and Citroen - together we build the perfect team!