Freeborn deals help drive pupils to success

Few people feel more driven in their ambitions than those who enrol with motoring schools.

And what better way to help them along the road to their first licence than by getting them out and about in a car that inspires.

Here at Freeborn we have some inspirational deals for you, too so that as a driving instructor you can really enjoy each day at work.

If your pupils want your school to be the height of cool, DS 3, the stylish hatchback that beats any of those “retro” cars, is offered from £60 a week and even DS 3 Performance models can cost only £2 a week more than that.

The deals also include free metallic paint and dual controls with a GPS display so you can be in control of everything and not just your costs.

Talk to your nearest Freeborn sale team to learn all about the road to success.