DS exclusive event drives desire

DS Automobiles bring a real sense of the spirit of avant-garde to the daily driving experience.

Since its inception, DS has always been about inspiring drivers, ensuring they enjoy rather than endure their time behind the wheel.

And to help you realise that experience for yourself, Wilmoths DS is running a special weekend event from April 21st to 23rd with attendance by exclusive invitation so you can understand DS Automobiles and the real sense of pleasure and achievement they will bring to your life.

Of course, we recognise that it’s important to have an eye for the practical details as well as those of the design so we’ll also be introducing you to the best aspects of ownership such as the Elect 3 PCP plans that allow you to “own” the part of the car’s life during which you’ll drive it and not worry about the cost of the rest.

Naturally, attention to essential detail also involves regular servicing while you drive the car. So during the first three years or 36,000 miles of the car’s life we’ll take care of the servicing at no cost to you while you get on with all the enjoyable stuff.

Not only that, but we can also introduce you to some very special DS editions. Ask us about the DS 4 CROSSBACK Moondust, finished in a special platinum grey matt paint with grained leather seats. Only 25 cars will be available in the UK and Wilmoths DS has reserved four of them for our customers.

Don’t miss out on the DS Automobiles experience. Come and see your nearest Wilmoths DS team and discover the spirit of avant-garde for yourself.