Replacement Citroën Tyres from Freeborn

Tyres are one of your vehicle’s most important assets, as they not only play a big part in overall performance quality, but also contribute massively to safety. As a result, maintaining the condition of your Citroën’s tyres is a legal requirement. Thankfully, the team at Freeborn Motor Group has the expertise and facilities to check the health of those fitted to your vehicle, and supply and fit new ones if required.

What does the law say about tyres?

  • ​The legal minimum tread depth limit is 1.6mm across the centre three-quarters of the tread and around its complete circumference.
  • Tyres of different construction types (radial and cross-ply) must not be fitted on opposite sides of the same axle.
  • Those with bulges, lumps or tears caused by a separation of the tyre structure must be changed.
  • When any ply or cord becomes exposed, the tyres must also be changed.

Do I need new tyres?

We are always willing to check whether or not your Citroën needs new tyres on your behalf, although it’s straightforward to do so yourself. Park on a flat, even surface away from traffic, and make sure that the handbrake is on before you begin. Use a tyre tread depth gauge to accurately measure the tread grooves, as millimetres could mean the difference between a car that’s roadworthy and one that’s illegal.

When it’s time for a change, bring your Citroën to Freeborn in Winchester, Southampton, Guildford or Wokingham to purchase products from the biggest names, and have them fitted to the highest standard. You can enjoy competitive prices, and the peace of mind that your vehicle will remain safe and perform at its best.