Pothole Damage Repair in Southampton, Guildford, Winchester & Wokingham

Potholes are a common cause of damage to vehicles, and the impact of driving over one may not become immediately clear. However, the broad range of aftersales services performed by Freeborn Motor Group include those that assess the condition of wheels and suspension – two areas commonly affected by impact with an uneven road surface.

Wheel Alignment Checks

By bringing your Citroën to us for a wheel alignment check, we can ensure your car or van’s wheels are perfectly straight, and the benefits of this will be noticeable. Correctly-aligned tyres ensure a smooth ride, and handling is far more responsive and assured. You’ll also avoid rapid tyre wear, meaning those fitted to your vehicle will last longer before a change is needed.

Suspension Damage

Alongside wheel alignment, our skilled technicians can also check the condition of your Citroën’s suspension. Like the wheels, this component plays a big part in ride comfort, and also aids braking and handling for improved safety. At 30mph, worn shock absorbers can add 2m to your stopping distance, so it pays to ensure the dampeners fitted to your vehicle are in the best condition.

Why choose Freeborn?

These checks can be performed efficiently by our technicians, and you can enjoy competitive quotes for any repair work or parts that may be required. What’s more, we will also carry out a 23-point safety check of your model to give you added peace of mind at the wheel. Our team have access to the industry’s most advanced equipment as they undertake the work required, and genuine manufacturer parts are fitted whenever a replacement is required.

To schedule an aftersales appointment at any of our sites in Winchester, Southampton, Guildford or Wokingham, simply enquire online or over the phone to make contact with our team. Alternatively, you can visit us in person during business hours to discuss the services available.