Diagnostics for your Citroën at Freeborn

Modern day vehicles are more advanced than ever - they are very complex machines, constructed using many different components. To ensure every single part is performing as intended, sophisticated diagnostics equipment is needed.

The latest Citroën diagnostic tools

Freeborn Motor Group has invested in the latest technology for this reason, and we are frequently updating the tools we use every month so that we can continue to offer our customers the highest standard of service. You will therefore enjoy many different benefits, and experience more rewarding and exciting motoring for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Our cutting-edge diagnostics equipment is used frequently during servicing and repair tasks, including vehicle health checks which assess the overall condition of your Citroën. Through early diagnosis of faults or issues which may lead to a failure later on, we can take preventative action at the earliest opportunity. In addition, a vehicle with a healthy history retains its value better, which will be welcomed when it comes to selling or upgrading through part exchange.

For reliability and for safety

Alongside the performance advantages, the use of state-of-the-art technology during aftersales work also significantly improves your car or van’s safety capabilities. Seemingly minor faults can add up to a bigger problem, and the use of advanced diagnostics equipment helps to ensure nothing is missed – no matter how small.

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The use of the most technical tools is just one of the many reasons why so many motorists across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire choose Freeborn Motor Group for their aftersales requirements. You too can enjoy the benefits of our service, and feel supported no matter what your motoring requirements are.

To discuss our aftersales services with the team at your nearest Freeborn Citroën dealership, enquire through the online form, over the phone or by visiting in person during business hours.