Dent Removal for your Citroën at Freeborn

Over time, your Citroën may suffer minor dents and scratches to the body that reduce the stunning condition it had at new. Although they don’t affect performance, many motorists choose to have cosmetic faults repaired for greater satisfaction behind the wheel.

Latest techniques including paintless dent removal (PDR)

At each Freeborn Citroën Approved Accident Repair Centre, you can restore your model to its former glory no matter how minor the issue is. We’ve invested in the most advanced equipment available to allow our trained technicians to perform the necessary tasks, and leave little evidence that work was ever needed. Alongside scratch removal, we also offer paintless dent repair, a relatively new technique that removes dents and creases without the need to use filler or respray body panels.

Accident repairs

Our dent removal service is just one part of our wider accident repair package, which is there to support you in the unlikely event that a more serious accident occurs. This includes recovery support and insurance claims assistance, and we’ll even arrange a courtesy car while yours is being fixed at no additional cost. For full details on Citroën Accident Assistance, please click here to visit our dedicated page.

Why choose Freeborn for repair work?

The approved status we’ve been given by Citroën demonstrates our ability to complete repairs to the French brand’s uncompromising standards, and gives you the peace of mind that your car will be returned in superb condition. Competitive quotes will be offered before the work is agreed, and we will work efficiently to return your car as soon as we can.

To benefit from our dent removal service, simply enquire with our team in Winchester, Southampton, Guildford or Wokingham to book an appointment or discuss your requirements further.