Citroën Accident Repairs at Freeborn

No matter how careful you are on the road, accidents can occur, and the process of repairing the damage and organising insurance claims can be a stressful one. As Freeborn Motor Group is an authorised Citroën dealer we are qualified to offer its accident management services, which have been designed to remove the stress following an incident.

Citroën Accident Assistance

The manufacturer will be there for you whenever an accident occurs; all you need to do is call 08000 72 72 72 to speak with an Accident Assistance adviser. They will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered if it can’t be driven, and taken to Freeborn’s Approved Accident Repair Centre. To keep you mobile a replacement vehicle will be provided while yours is being fixed, and no fee will be charged. What’s more, the advisers will also handle all aspects of your insurance claim, no matter who was at fault.

Approved Accident Repair Centre

As a Citroën Approved Accident Repair Centre, we are trusted by the carmaker to perform repairs to the highest standards, and employ skilled technicians to do so. They use only genuine parts and advanced equipment to restore your car to its former stunning condition, and ensure it remains safe to drive when you’re back on the road. With a comprehensive list of tasks performed we have the capability to repair your car completely, with no evidence that an accident ever occurred. When you require assistance, it’s important to remember that your insurance company can only recommend a repair centre, and the final decision on who works on your car is completely up to you.

With Freeborn Citroën, you can rely on manufacturer-standard support should you ever be involved in an accident. We were named the brand’s best aftersales dealer in Southern England in 2009, and the same unbeatable quality of service remains to this day.

For further information on Citroën accident support and all the aftersales services available from Freeborn Motor Group, contact our dealerships in Winchester, Southampton, Guildford or Wokingham.