Interior and Exterior Protection for your Citroën at Freeborn

Your Citroën goes through a lot on the road, and frequent motoring takes its toll on the interior also. To maintain the superb overall condition of your car or van, Freeborn Motor Group proudly stocks GardX vehicle protection products, designed to preserve your vehicle’s quality.

The GardX paint protection system forms a defensive sealant around your model’s exterior to shield against the effects of the sun’s UV rays, acidic rain and sea and road salts. It also adds a high gloss finish to the bodywork that remains after washing.

In addition Glass Guard repels rainwater, causing it to bead and run off for maximum visibility in the wet. There’s also Tyre Guard, which allows you to temporarily repair a punctured tyre by filling the inner tube with a latex foam; giving you the opportunity to drive to a service centre.

To maintain the comfort and appeal of the cabin, you can also purchase GardX’s interior protection products. Stain Guard and Leather Guard have been developed for each particular upholstery type, and prevent water or oil-based liquids from staining the seats and carpets.

For more information on GardX’s products, please click here to visit its website. To purchase any of the products available and explore all your aftersales opportunities with Freeborn Motor Group, enquire with our team via the online form, on the phone or by visiting in person.