Citroën MOTs in Surrey & Hampshire

An MOT is an integral part of vehicle ownership, and a legal requirement for those older than three years of age. At Citroën-specialists Wilmoths, we have the facilities and expertise to perform your next and all future MOTs from our sites across Southampton, Winchester, Guildford and Wokingham.

What is an MOT? What does it cover?

An MOT test differs from a service, as it comprises an assessment of your vehicle to ensure it remains roadworthy and meets environmental standards, but doesn’t check its overall mechanical condition. Many aspects are tested during an MOT, including tyres, windscreen, seat belts, lights, brakes and more. It is therefore important to maintain the general condition of your vehicle for the best chance of passing.

Only approved MOT testing locations such as Wilmoths are authorised to perform a test and issue a valid certificate. Certificates are valid for one year, and can be renewed up to a month before expiry.

How do you test my car?

When you visit Wilmoths for an MOT, your vehicle will be taken to our dedicated testing bays, where a fully qualified technician will perform the assessment. Each is frequently assessed to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of their results, giving you peace of mind that the outcome is a fair one. When your MOT is completed, you will be provided with a certificate if your vehicle passed, or informed of the work required should it fail.

What happens if my car fails the MOT?

If for any reason your vehicle did not pass, we can undertake the maintenance required to resolve any faults to ensure it meets the required standards when re-tested.

If you're unsure about whether your vehicle will pass, why not book it in for a vehicle health check? We can check the general condition of your car, and although we can't guarentee a pass, it will give you peace of mind.

How do I book my MOT?

Scheduling your next MOT is straightforward with Wilmoths – simply visit our online booking page to arrange an appointment at your local dealership on a day and at a time that suits. We will do our best to fit you in when convenient and return your vehicle as soon as possible. For full details on the complete MOT testing process, contact your nearest Wilmoths dealership to speak with our helpful team.