Visit the service dock, save cash, then head for the bay

When you were 18 it’s quite possible you caught the dream.

Heading to Newquay, the surfers’ paradise, to park your VW Splitty in the bay or maybe, by the 70s and 80s, you were fired by just what you could do with a hippy Love Bus created out of a Bedford twin steer coach with a garage for your Mini in the back.

Realities of life meant you never quite got there - Newquay or motorhome ownership in general. Now you’re 60, the reality is rather different. You still have the travel bug but recognise that to arrive you first of all have to buy something reliable to arrive in.

Step forward the modern motorhome, and there’s a great selection of all shapes and sizes awaiting you at Wilmoths Motorhomes. Whatever the dream, there’s a motorhome to deliver it!

Of course modern motorhomes are normally far more intricate than a canvas roof, gas ring, and a bed made out of flimsy seats tucked into a van. These days, even the most simple campers, such as the Romahome R10, deliver technology, crash tested safety features, versatility, and reliability that makes them practical as a daily drive so you don’t have to own a car, too.

Move up the scale and vehicles like the Romahome R30 have seats for four, a full shower room / toilet, kitchen with oven, grill, burners, fridge, and sink with running hot water, all adding up to versatility that would have been unimaginable a few years ago and combined within a body no longer than that of many family cars.

You can move up the size scale to huge, three axle motorhomes that you could live in for months (some people do and head to southern Europe for the winter towing a car like a Citroen C1 behind for daily transport) but, of course, it all relies on keeping everything in tip-top condition.

Step forward the team at Wilmoths Motorhomes who deliver the wherewithal to ensure your motorhome, no matter what size, is ready to hit the road whenever you are.

Wilmoths Motorhomes has a dedicated service team working in special facilities in Southampton, led by Andy Davies, who probably knows more about the inner workings of motorhomes than anyone else in Hampshire, and Janet Blake, who will never let service standards drift from the high levels she demands.

Their expertise combines to make sure all the mechanical and habitation (living area) needs of your motorhome are well catered for but, recognising that everyone likes to save money where they can, you can still enjoy the benefits of Club 18-60 discounts when you use the service and parts facilities at Wilmoths.

So make Wednesdays your day at the golf club or that regular lunchtime catch-up with friends and it will coincide nicely with us taking care of your motorhome and Club 18-60 taking care of part of the bill. Our 18% discount for the over 60s is no mean offer, after all.

If that nomadic lifestyle still has big appeal, just do it! And with your savings through Club 18-60 to help fund your travels, do it that little bit more.