Looking for a great deal? Freeborn is where you’ll C1

Citroen is announcing details of the 2017 model year C1.

But what hasn’t changed from the 2016 model is that the C1 is a great solution for those who want a small car in their lives.

The beauty of the C1 is that it can think like a big car, so if you want to go on a long trip it’s happy to take you. This is one small car that’s not afraid to go beyond the city limits!

And here at Freeborn we’re happy not to put limits on the great deals we have for remaining 2016 model year C1 stock.

The 2017 car arrives in May, bringing new colour and trim choices. However, 2016 cars look pretty to us, and they will to you too when you see the attractive prices. Contact your nearest Freeborn Citroen sales team – if you’re looking for a great small car deal, we’ll make sure you C1!