C3 WRC joins battle of the rallying giants

The Battle of the Giants is about to commence, with the start of the iconic Monte Carlo Rally on Thursday.

And among the 10 new WRC cars built under new regulations are two Citroen C3 WRCs, one piloted by the British pairing of Kris Meeke and Paul Nagle.

Apart from the prestige evoked by its name, Rallye Monte-Carlo owes much of its reputation to the unpredictability of the rallying conditions. In January, the roads in the hills of south-west France can be snow-covered, icy, wet or just dry, meaning that in a single stage, drivers can experience all these conditions. Tyre choice is therefore of critical importance. It's all about estimating, for an entire loop of stages, what represents the best compromise. Gaps can open and disappear very quickly, making the event even more exciting.

This 85th running of the oldest rally in the world will be spread over four days finishing in the Principality on Sunday, 22 January, in the early afternoon.

On its return as a works team to the WRC, the Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT has generated a lot of interest with everyone eager to see the first times, with a mix of excitement and anxietyas the team waits to find out if the results of all the hard work over the last two years or so meet the ambitions of the brand.